April 28, 2018 – Ringed Warbling-finch (Microspingus torquatus)

These birds in the tanager family are found in semiarid grasslands, open woodlands, and shrublands of central Bolivia, western Paraguay, and central Argentina. They mostly eat arthropods during the breeding season, along with some seeds, foraging mostly in vegetation and only rarely on the ground. Breeding from late October to February, they build open cup-shaped nests from plant fibers and hair. Though only the females incubate the eggs, both parents feed the chicks.



July 22, 2017 – Black-capped Warbling-Finch (Poospiza melanoleuca or Microspingus melanoleucus)

These warbling-finches are found in central southern South America from Bolivia to northern Argentina. They eat seeds, fruits, and flowers, along with some invertebrates, foraging mostly in shrubs and scrub. Their nests are cup-shaped and built from dry grasses and plant fibers.