November 29, 2016 – Tomtit, New Zealand Tomtit, Pied Tit, Yellow-breasted Tit, Black Tit, Ngirungiru, Miromiro, Pied Tomtit, Yellow-breasted Tomtit, Black Tomtit, Piropiro, or Maui-potiki (Petroica macrocephala)

Requested by: @gepwin

These Australian robins are native to the forests of New Zealand and several offshore islands. They eat invertebrates such as spiders, beetles, flies, and moths, along with some small fruits. Fiercely territorial during the breeding season, they stay in their territories most of the year. Tomtits were used by conservationists to foster Chatham Island Black Robin chicks, which helped bring that species back from the brink of extinction. Their own nests are hidden in thick vegetation or small cavities. Females incubate the eggs alone while the males bring them food. Both parents care for the chicks.


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