November 18, 2016 – Red-capped Manakin (Ceratopipra mentalis)

Requested by: Birder’s Journey

These manakins are found from southeastern Mexico through much of Central America and in northwestern South America, into Ecuador. Fruit makes up the majority of their diet and their digestive systems are adapted to eating large volumes of it. They have also been recorded eating some insects, catching them in the air, on foliage, or following swarms of army ants to catch insects as they flee the swarms. As in other manakin species, males perform displays at leks, showing off their yellow thigh feathers, sliding backward on perches, snapping their wings as they leap between branches, and circling in flight. Females build the cup-shaped nests from plant fibers, fungal filaments, dry leaves, and spiderwebs, incubating and caring for the chicks alone.

You may recognize these birds and their amazing courtship dances from this video.


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  1. Can’t thank you enough for this wonderful image of the manikin! I look forward to showing my husband, who is the one who saw the fleeting male red-capped manikin in Panama last winter. And the video was incredible …. what a treat to see this guy in action!

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