December 18, 2015 – Araripe manakin (Antilophia bokermanni)

700th Bird

This rare manakin is only found in a small area of Brazil at the base of the Chapada do Araripe. Little is known about their diet, but they have been observed feeding on fruits from plants in the genus Cordia. Females lay two eggs in nests often located over water, incubating them while males defend the territory. The species was first described in 1998 and there are now thought to be between 150 and 700 mature birds in the wild. They are listed as Critically Endangered, primarily due to destruction of their habitat.

I learned about these birds over a year ago and knew I wanted to draw one, but decided to save them for a special occasion. Since I haven’t said it in awhile, thank you to everyone out there for supporting Bird Studies, whether you’ve been with me most of the way or have just discovered the blog!