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Congratulations on your 600th bird!

Thank you!

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aww I hope you find it soon! although I don’t keep track of the dates, seeing your birds always makes my day a little better. thank you for what you do 🙂

I’m trying not to worry much about the date thing, they’re really not the most important thing on the blog of course, just confusing! Thanks for your comment, It really means a lot to me to hear that, I always hope that the birds will bring a little happiness to someone.

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My first pet was a red factor canary too. He was very pretty but he died suddenly when I was five which was upsetting.

I’m sorry to hear about that. It’s terrible to lose a bird, especially suddenly. I still remember the day Seedy died, it was pretty sudden too, though he was an older bird, so I’m pretty sure it was just old age. I hope this picture helps you remember some good times with your first pet, at least.