July 22, 2015 – Red-lored Amazon, Primrose-cheeked Amazon, Scarlet-lored Amazon, Red-fronted Amazon or Golden-cheeked Amazon (Amazona autumnalis)

Requested by: tieltavern

These parrots are found from eastern Mexico through most of Central America and in Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. There is also an isolated population in northern Brazil. There are four subspecies, which differ mostly in the amount of red on their heads. They eat fruits, including figs and palm fruit, nuts, seeds, leaves, and flower buds. Usually traveling and foraging in groups of about six to 100 birds, they are a very social species. Females lay three to four eggs and incubate them in cavities in dead trees. Though they are classified by the IUCN as of Least Concern, trapping for the pet trade has led to local population declines, particularly in northeast Mexico and Venezuela.