July 18, 2015 – Palm-Nut Vulture or Vulturine Fish Eagle (Gypohierax angolensis)

Requested by: taylorrbranham

One of the few raptors that regularly eat plant matter, these vultures are found in Africa from the Gambia to Kenya and as far south as South Africa. While up to 65 percent of their diet comes from the fruits and seeds of various species of palm and other plants, they also eat fish, invertebrates, mammals, birds, and reptiles. They hunt and eat some carrion, but are rarely found around large carcasses like other African vultures. Pairs perform acrobatic displays together in the air. Building large nests in tall trees, they tend to stay near their nesting sites all year. Both parents incubate the single egg. While chicks leave the nest around three months after hatching, they do not grow into their adult plumage for three or four years.