June 21, 2015 – Laysan Albatross chick (Phoebastria immutabilis)

Requested by: mostdelightfulhat

These large seabirds are found across the North Pacific ocean. About 99% of the population nests on the northwestern Hawaiian Islands, making them the second most common seabird in the area. They feed primarily on squid, but also eat fish eggs, crustaceans, and carrion. On smaller islands females lay a single egg on sandy beaches, making a small round depression and surrounding it with twigs. On larger islands they lay the egg in grassy areas, or under trees, making a nest rim from leaf litter and twigs. Chicks hatch after about two months of incubation. Both parents feed the chick regurgitated squid oil and flying fish eggs. Chicks are often left alone for days while the parents hunt. They fledge after about five months.

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