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Oh, now this is lovely. You’ve outdone yourself. 😀

Thank you so much! I really liked working on this one.

pechorinas reblogged your photo:April 6, 2015 – ‘Akikiki or Kauaʻi Creeper (Oreomystis bairdi)

Thanks for this lovely Akikiki, renatagrieco!  
My favorite Hawaiian honeycreepers! They creeper like nuthatches, and are bold and curious.  Big news on Kauai this year, Akikiki eggs from the wild were brought into captivity and hatched for captive rearing, in order to extablish a captive flock for this criticially endangered bird.  Along with Palila on Big Island, Akikiki is the honeycreeper currently in the greatest conservation peril.

I’m glad you like it! That’s really great to hear about the captive breeding program. When I was reading about these birds I saw a few sources say that they had not been the subject of as much study as many of the other honeycreepers, so I’m happy to hear about conservation work that’s being done.