Happy International Draw a Bird Day!


While I am not too good at drawing birds myself (I’d rather cross stitch them), I want to take a moment to mention a few bloggers I follow that are great avian illustrators.

renatagrieco does adorable and truly beautiful minimalistic bird drawings. Their blog is a definite must-see. You can even buy prints and merchandise with their beautiful birds, and request your favorite species. 🙂


jadafitch is an illustrator and bird lover that recently became published. She has a very cute book, A Snowy Owl Story that was written by Melissa Kim and illustrated by Jada.


dailybirddrawings is a cute bird tumblr art blog that does (usually daily!) bird illustrations that feature very colorful, fun birds looking sassy and charismatic.


Wow, thanks so much for the mention becausebirds! I’m reblogging this for the other two bird blogs, definitely worth a follow!